5 Easy Ways to Make More Time For Hobbies

Even the busiest schedule has time for a hobby

Elena Tzivekis
3 min readOct 24, 2019


We are always seeking out ways in which we can find joy in our busy lives. Whether it be learning to cook a dish you had a restaurant, or studying a new language from a country you visited. Sometimes, picking up a new hobby can bring you so much joy, you may wish it were part of your full-time job! However, it may seem hard to make time for these new interests because it can’t fit your busy schedule! Don’t worry! You can easily make more time for your leisurely activities with just a few tips!


Trying to do every single hobby on your list while handling a busy work week will only cause you to lose sight of your main priorities. For example, if you decide to spend the whole weekend on your hobby, you may end up missing out on time to spend with friends or loved ones. Instead, create a small list of 1–2 hobbies per month and mark when to do them! Focus on a different hobby each month and dedicate a day each week to one of those activities! It could be painting on a Sunday morning, or going for a Saturday afternoon hike.


Taking your hobby with you wherever you go is an easy way to do what you love while you’re making your rounds during the week! Try packing your photography camera with you during work commutes, or bring a notebook and pen to jot down story ideas while on a break at work. If the hobby is easy enough to transport, see if you can get away by bringing it with you wherever you go and devote a few minutes to it everyday!


What could be better than doing a hobby on your own? How about do it together with someone you love! Whether you’re cooking dinner one night with your parents, taking pictures of nature with a friend, or traveling to a new destination with your loved ones — sharing your hobbies with others is a great way to follow your passions and experience these memories with those important people in your lives!


Daily routines are what keep a busy schedule moving forward. By incorporating a hobby, you enjoy making it part of your routine and it will be much easier to find time for it! If you’re trying to learn a new language, you can devote 15 minutes of practice every morning when you wake up. Or if you are trying out a new recipe, try to cook it one night for dinner. There are many others you could try too — the possibilities are endless with this one!


I’m serious! While our phones are brilliant pieces of technology that make our lives easier, they are also one of our biggest distractions. When trying to work a hobby into your busy schedule, try and remember that your phone may not always need to keep you company. Of course if you need to Google measurements for a cake that you’re baking, or want take a picture of your painting to show off on Instagram — go right ahead and grab the phone! But remember that days are short, and life is busy, so it’s important to enjoy every moment with the least amount of distractions or interuptions!



Elena Tzivekis

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